Great Egrets Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Woodlands & Wetlands

We don’t think of the forest or even the marsh as having anything to do with the coast, but they do. Great Egrets fish not only the edges of Long Island Sound but also its coastal salt marshes and the rivers that meander through the trees and empty into Long Island Sound.

Birds like the Great Blue Herons typically seen hunting for fish along the shore of the Refuge nest high in the trees in the middle of the coastal woods. Herds of White-tailed Deer whose home range is a land of oaks and pines and undergrowth travel the tideline and graze the banks of the wide coastal estuaries. They even know how to swim.

It is all one habitat from  Nature’s all-encompassing point of view!

Creatures of the Woodlands & Wetlands of the Stuart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge will be coming to Smeagull’s Guide To Wildlife in 2021.

Stay  Tuned!

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